Hanger Rail System, 2017

A hanger rail system, which encourages the user to display objects that they use on a daily basis.

This organisation of key belongings creates a personal order. The system is designed to grow and reduce, supporting family’s needs as they change over time. From a single person, to couples, to children and families. The selection of tools that hang on the rail have been chosen by observing and recording people’s movements and behavior in the home.

Hallway furniture is often bulky or unattractive, and rail combats this by being wall mounted, creating a sleek product. The rail provides a space for the user’s smaller belongings, such as keys and coins for when they arrive home. However the slim design of the rail makes it appropriate for a variety of places in the home, such as in the bedroom.

The materials of each of the hanging tools have been carefully selected for function. The wood is an appropriate choice for the domestic environment, and the metal handles are weighted with a wooden ball. The ball not only gives the user a handle, but it prevents tilt of the objects when on the rail. Color choice was extremely important and the chosen selection are fun but not intrusive in the home.