Happy Napping Collection, 2017

Happy Napping is a selection of objects each with a new archetype, designed to celebrate napping. The objects are a doughnut jumper, an inflatable scarf and a pillow hat. These three items are designed to make taking a nap more convenient for you and your partner.

Happy Napping started from riding London’s public transport and observing the behavior of the sleepy commuters and tourists. The three final products look like everyday items, but with a twist: The Doughnut jumper provides small round pillows for shared napping. The inflatable scarf can be worn in the everyday, however it can be inflated when the user needs a pillow for an emergency nap. The PVC inside of the scarf is ribbed in certain places to allow movement, keeping it possible to wrap around the user’s neck.

The pillow hat a new archetype of the common beanie. it not only keeps the users head warm, but gives the user a pillow, which is essential for nap time, preventing an uncomfortable sleep on the train.

This half jokey, half serious group of napping equipment are key for those tiring journeys home, preventing awkward neck positions and general discomfort.

Tired Londoner’s you're welcome.

1doughnut nap.jpg